Monetize each play and each download

We pay more than other platforms

Take control of your music

You can start uploading your songs right now, for free, by yourself.

Free unlimited uploads

Upload for free all your songs. No limits.


Get paid fairly

We will pay you for each play and each download.

Data is power

That’s why we give you a dashboard where you can see real-time statistics.

Grow your fanbase

MonkingMe generates income with users who can’t or don’t want to pay to listen to songs online/offline, expanding your fan base

Promote yourself!

We know that even great music needs to be promoted to reach all fans: that's why we put at your disposal tools to highlight and promote your music.

Also, in the "For you" section our algorithms generate dynamic content recommendations so that fans, old and new, can reach you in an easy and organic way.

How do we monetize?

We have created the free remunerated download. Your fans get the offline for free. In exchange they complete advertising actions that generate revenue for you.

Why MonkingMe?

Free Streaming

Free Offline

Free For Artists

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We pay you what you really deserve.

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