Make money with your music

Your music, merchandising and events in the same place

Easy. Without intermediaries.

With MonkingMe you can upload your songs and motenize them by your own.

Free unlimited uploads

Upload for free all your songs without any kind of restriction.


Monetize streaming and downloads

In MonkingMe you will be paid for each free download and streaming.

Unlimited statistics

Be aware of your fans. MonkingMe unlimited free statistics allow you to know who they are.

Unify your music & brand

Link your merchandising and concerts in your profile

Grow your fanbase

Use the different methods to download in order to get visibility of your profile, merchandising and concerts.

Use the powerup of the free downloads to get more visibility. Reach more fans and make more money.

How can you monetize?

We have created the free remunerated download. Make money with free downloads.

Monetize the streaming and the free downloads

When the user wants to download one of your songs a video advertisement is displayed about 20 seconds. The profits of the ad will be directly to your profile.

Methods to download

  • Free Remunerated: an ad is displayed
  • Totally free: just free
  • Promoted: show a video that you want
  • Force like: get likes to reach more fans


Why MonkingMe is better for you and your fans

Free Streaming

Free Offline

Free For Artists

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Remember, MonkingMe monetizes all the streams and free downloads!

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