What is MonkingMe's aim?

To benefit artists for offering free downloads, to be the best legal platform to listen, download and share music, and to bring together the music intake with concerts and merchandising objects.

What's the difference with other streaming platforms?

On most music streaming platforms, users must pay a premium account to listen to all music without restrictions. A MonkingMe user can access all content for free and synchronize their downloads to listen to them offline on their mobile.

Why will people want to download a song?

Because that way you can sync it with your mobile App to play it offline when and wherever you want, no restrictions. Besides, most people download songs to their computers because they want to keep them or they already have playlists arranged with other software.

Will piracy actually decrease?

Definitely, yes! We offer a system that's totally free and profitable for artists. We propose a model that monetizes the downloads made by users who will never pay for a premium account and who right now, get their music in an illegal way. The key to erase piracy permanently is not to try banning it, but to make it unnecessary.

Are there any other options for the artists when uploading their songs?

Yes. At MonkingMe there aren't only Free Paid Downloads. The artist will also be able to upload songs that are totally free with no advertisement, but they won't benefit from it directly, economically speaking.

Why would an artist choose for their music to be downloaded without advertisements?

A lot of artists have come to the conclusion that it's more important to be known in order to increase their fans and to get more income from concert tickets and merchandising items. This option is the best way to do it, because instead of watching an ad, users will have information about concerts and more from their favourite artists before the download. Plus, artists with Premium accounts will be able to choose the advertisement they want. Also, users won't need to be registered to download the song because no control mechanisms will be required, thus giving more publicity to the artists work.

How does MonkingMe make money?

MonkingMe we makes money by collecting a percentage of the profits made by advestisements, concert tickets and merchandising items sales. We will also offer services to artists or record labels, so they can advertise themselves through our recommendation system and promotional spaces.