What is MonkingMe?

MonkingMe is a music platform that allows you to listen to and download songs for free while artists are paid. Through advertising in the streaming and at download time we legally pay the artists, record labels or copyright entities.

Is it free?

Yes. Users can listen to and download songs for free. There are purchases in the platform, such as the merchandising of the artists.

Will I find my favorite artist?

We work on it. We are aware and we are expanding our catalog, and very soon we hope to offer the genres and artists that you like most. So far, you can upload your favorite songs and play them privately as if they were in MonkingMe..

Is it possible to delete the ads?

Yeah. Thanks to the Bananas. You can delete a specific ad or delete them for a period of time.

What are the Bananas?

The Bananas are our virtual currency. You can get them for free by completing missions. You can redeem them by deleting ads and other rewards.

Is it possible to buy merchandising?

Yes. MonkingMe has their online store. Choose product and its options, size, color, pack... Fill out the payment information requested and we will send you the product. Any doubt or problem with the shipment or product contact us at shop@monkingme.com or through our social networks @monkingme.

What is the subscription or become a Supporter?

A new way to connect with the artist. As Supporter you get exclusive advantages, such as previous releases to other users, exclusive giveaways and exclusive content only available in MonkingMe. It can be paid with different payment methods or redeem it with the Bananas. Get Bananas and subscribe for free to an artist.

Is the payment safe?

It is totally safe. We use Stripe technology to make completely secure and transparent payments. Any problems with payment contact us at. shop@monkingme.com

It is legal

Of course. Artists accept that they have the right to distribute the music they upload. In addition, we pay the management entities to be totally legal. In the case of discovering illegal content, access this link to denounce it. https://www.monkingme.com/takedown/

How to upload music?

If you are an artist and want to upload your music to MonkingMe, you can access from the web. In the top bar you will find the button to upload music.

How to see the statistics?

Once the first public song is uploaded you will become an artist. By clicking on the profile image and then on the statistics panel. You will see the listenings, downloads and earnings obtained, as well as the possibility of withdraw them.

More questions?

If you have more questions, please contact us by our social networks @monkingme.