Get Bananas to skip ads and support your favorite artists


Earn and spend Bananas

You can get Bananas by interacting with non-intrusive ads. Companies that run ads in MonkingMe pay to appear in only when you decide it to.

In return you earn Bananas so you can spend them to remove ads and subscribe to your favorite artists.

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Non-intrusive ads

Watch ads when you decide it. Have complete control to enjoy your music free from interruptions

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Rewards and promotions

Get rewards and promotional codes when you complete some of our Quizzes

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Artists first

Artists are our main focus. A high percentage of the money that Bananas generate goes to them

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Connected with culture

We are the perfect place for brands that are commited to culture development

Join our ecosystem
and help artists keep creating

The music world is filled with talented artists striving to become known. Most creators face many challenges when pursuing their careers, relying on other sources of income to keep creating. We encourage artists to keep doing what they love by providing new revenue streams and a supportive platform.

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Users pay with Bananas, artists get paid in USD

Are you an artist?

Be more profitable than with the vast majority of other streaming platforms, be closer to your fans and promote your content in the same place.

Upload your music

Are you a Brand?

Promote your love for culture by advertising on the first outlet founded in the idea of supporting music.

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